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CATTE Workshops and General Meeting

Friday, January 31, 2019
9:30am to 3:00pm

From Cosplay to Your Play: EVA Foam
by Bryan Srtadtherr from TPCCosplay
EVA Foam is an amazing material that can be shaped and molded to make costumes, props, set decoration and much, much more. EVA Foam is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Wear your grubbies for this extreme hands on workshop! We will teach you how to work with EVA Foam and you and your student’s imagination can take over from there!

Special Effects Make-up
by Nikki Harrison
This hands-on workshop will provide an overview of special effects makeup techniques. Supplies will be provided. Topics will include burns, scars, wounds and severe aging. Tutorials on how to create your own prosthetics will also be covered.

Westminster High School
6933 Raleigh St.
Westminster CO 80030

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CATTE is designed to be an integral component of your theatre curriculum. Our goal is to help you accomplish more by giving you full advantage of a wide range of resources, workshops, safety guidelines and certifications.

Past Events:

Projections – September 7, 2019

Media design – From Script to Stage: How to incorporate media/projections into your shows
Presentation by Gregory Towle

Projection Nuts and Bolts
Presentation by El Armstrong

Photos from the event on the right:

Lighting – January 11, 2019

Lighting 101
Presentation by Carmel Alston

Lighting color, color theory, LED equipment and other modern equipment
Presentation by Vance McKenzie

Photos from the event on the right:

Past Events:

Scenery and Props – September 8, 2018

How to create inexpensive 3D objects for your set design
How to paint wood, stone and brick for your sets

Presented by Amy Campion

Photos from the event on the right:

Sketchup in your Scenic Design and Sound Troubleshooting and Skills – January 27, 2018

Using Sketchup in your Scenic Design
Presentation by Alex Polzin

Sound System Troubleshooting and Sound Production Techniques

Theatre Business & Scenic Rules/Regulations – August 5, 2017

Theatre Business and Promotion
Publicity, marketing, contracts, rules for scripts usage.

Using your Space Safely: Scenic Rules & Regulations – Presentation by Brian Kelley
Safety standards, assumed risks, what you need to know and who you can contact to understand your space.

Photo from the event on the right:

Makeup Essentials & Next Generation Lighting – January 13, 2017

At this meeting workshops were presented by Laura Love and Carmel Alston. Descriptions:

Makeup Essentials by Laura Love
Learn the basics of perfect stage makeup.
Plus what to buy and how to manage it.

Next Generation Lighting by Carmel Alston
How DMX works plus how to evaluate LED & movers for your venue for purchase and rental.

Photos from the event are on the right:

Safe Scenic Construction & Video Projection – August 20, 2016

At this meeting workshops were presented by DCPA’s Topher Blair and Albert “Stub” Allison. Descriptions:

Video Design – Topher Blair
We will be covering both the technical and artistic sides of projection design. We will be exploring some important questions for designers looking to do video on a shoestring budget. When should projections be used? What kind of equipment should you bee looking for? And how should your projections help to tell the story of the play?

Building Stock Scenery – Albert “Stub” Allison
We will be exploring methods of building standard sized flats, platforms, and steps that will allow for almost endless design choices as your stock grows.

Photos from the event are on the right:

Jay O. Glerum Rigging Master Class – June 13-14, 2016

General Meeting – January 15, 2016 – Sound and Shop Safety

At this meeting workshops were presented on Scene Shop Safety (presented by Metro State University), and Wireless Microphones (presented by D.L. Adams Associates and Shure). All handouts from the presenters are available on the CATTE Google group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/catte. Photos from the event are on the right: