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David Pittard, co-owner of Buttonwood Grove Winery, met with Cayuga business students on October 19, 2018 to share the winery`s buying journey with his wife in 2014 and the management of a vineyard. He explained the history of the winery, the agricultural and productive side of the company, as well as marketing, sales and distribution. The students were treated to a guided tour of the entire complex with a careful look at the vineyards. It was a great experience for our students to see a thriving local winery first-hand. Business Administration A.A.S. covers all the basics of the company and offers you the opportunity to acquire specialized skills. Specialized in finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, marketing, law and general management. Today`s economy revolves around the day-to-day business operations that we all take for granted. Every food we buy, every ounce of gasoline we put in the car, and every fun activity we participate in requires a business transaction at some point. You can be part of the action! SCC graduates with an Associate in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) Business Administration degrees are employed in a wide range of careers, including but not limited to: Accountant, Performance Manager, Budget Analyst, Camp Manager, Casino Manager, Restaurant Administrator, Compensation Specialist, Contract Administrator, Credit Analyst, Customer Service Manager, Employment and Investment Specialist, Job interviewer, estimator, farm management consultant, CFO, financial services sales agent, fish hatchery manager, golf course manager, insurance expert, insurance claims auditor and more. This associate degree provides students with basic knowledge of business administration. Business administration students choose a goal – accounting, banking and finance, management or marketing.

Elaine Buffington, CPA at Buffington & Hoatland, comments: “We expect the internship to be a valuable learning experience for her. She will act primarily as a tax officer. Their responsibilities include sorting out individuals` tax records for digitization purposes, preparing individuals` basic tax returns, assisting with the maintenance of corporate tax return registries, including corporations and partnerships, preparing basic corporate tax returns, and, if time permits, assistance with verification work in the field. She will gain valuable experience that will help her in her future professional projects. This program is designed for students who wish to earn a degree in Business Administration and intend to enter the business world after completing the study requirements. Career opportunities are numerous with the ability to perform administrative and management tasks, accounts payable and receivable, planning and scheduling, marketing, advertising and sales, insurance claims processing, retail management, property management and business ownership. The A.S. and A.A.S. online degree programs in Business Management teach students the basics of business operations; However, the AS program will also focus heavily on liberal art subjects such as English, mathematics, history, and social sciences. Since the A.A.S.

is sometimes considered a “professional” degree, you can expect courses in economics, communications, organizational behavior, sales and marketing, computer applications, accounting, statistics and laws and ethics of economics. But don`t feel left out; Your A.A.S. program also requires a few liberal arts classes. In business management, you can bring your expertise by earning an online degree as a Science Associate (AS) or Applied Science Associate (A.A.S.). But what`s the difference between the two degrees, you ask? How do you know which associate degree is best for you? They are so similar that the two are often confused, and you should research the difference before signing up for an online program. By choosing the right degree program, you can start your career immediately after graduation or you can continue your education by earning your bachelor`s degree. This is where you should prepare. .