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The Company must have a copy of the invoices corresponding to the payments received in your business account that MUST exceed R50,000 or contracts (no offers or cash flow forecasts), a copy of the company`s registration certificate, proof of the company`s address (for example, a tax account less than 3 months old or a valid lease agreement, a certified copy of the Director, bank statements originally stamped for 3 months, a certified copy of the Director`s identity document and the SARS authority. As mentioned above, if there are pending companies (ITR14) or administrators (ITR12), SARS will reject the application. These must be paid before we can proceed with the drawing of your final tax certificate. The new TCS system is equipped with the “My Compliance Profile (MCP)” function. The ECHP provides taxpayers with an online overview of their current compliance with the specific requirements set out in SARS. Taxpayers can visually identify violations and take the necessary steps to remedy them. The introduction of the MCP gives taxpayers more information about their compliance with tax regulations and forms the basis for the general compliance status issued when submitting a SARS TCS application (e.B for tendering or good reputation and others). For more information on state processes for tax compliance, check out the following links: If you prefer the longer route (with many queues), you can also request your tax certificate from a SARS branch by filling out a tax compliance status application to indicate the type of CBT you need, e.B. tendering, good reputation, foreign investment or emigration.

You can also apply for a tax certificate online on the SARS e-declaration website. There is a procedure that must be followed when applying online. First, you need to register your organization/business in the electronic filing and then select the Option Request for Tax Compliance Status and the type of tax settlement status you want to request. If your business has been registered for some time, we will withdraw your tax return, but it is possible that SARS will come back to us with the details to do. that is, the company must file these tax forms for this or that year. Once you have met the requirements for sars (this is for you), we can draw your tax certificate your easiest method is to use our full service. We know what SARS needs and can help you gather all the necessary documents for tax settlement, and it`s quick and easy for you without leaving your home. A return can be submitted or submitted electronically, or you can visit the SARS store nearest you. If you use e-filing to file your business income tax return, you can register then create your ITR 14 tax return, complete and file the return.

No, if you apply for a tax certificate online through the SARS electronic reporting website, you can print the certificate from the online system. If you do so at the SARS branch, the tax certificate will be issued to you. If you need additional original copies, you can obtain them from the SARS Branch. The PIN gives you the option to authorize a third party to view your tax compliance status online via e-filing. Once you have provided the PIN to a third party, the PIN allows the appropriate organization or department to view your current tax compliance status online. It shows them your overall compliance status on the date and time they check it, instead of your status as it was when the PIN was issued to you. To protect the confidentiality of tax information, no other information is accessible. The TCS PIN must be used by authorized third parties (those with whom you share the PIN) to verify your compliance status online through SARS e-filing. It is important to remember that a taxpayer`s compliance status is not static and changes based on their ongoing compliance with tax requirements. You have the choice between these options, good reputation, tendering, foreign investment and emigration. You then complete the Electronic Filing Tax Compliance Status Application Form and send it to SARS.

Once your application is approved by SARS, you will receive the General Tax Compliance Status and a PIN to print the Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC). The purpose of the TAX Clearance Compliance Status PIN is to give you the ability to authorize third parties to view your tax compliance status online through electronic reporting. Before applying for VAT registration, you must ensure that all of the company`s tax returns are up to date and must be filed with SARS. All of the corporation`s PAYE must be up-to-date if the corporation is registered for PAYE, all of the director`s personal income taxes must also be up to date. .